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Partnering with pastoral staff in support of your congregation's thriving:

As a Christian LMFT and Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist (Biola University Christian Ministries graduate and Pepperdine University Clinical Psychology graduate), I help churches educate members on overcoming sexual addiction, betrayal trauma, and infidelity.  We'll explore a Christ-centered approach informed by modern psychotherapy research, dismantling shame, fostering hope and restoring peace through Christ for your community.  Contact me to discuss workshops and groups.

My Story

I love my church community and feel a great sense of connection with the leadership and people there. However,  shame and guilt related to my own compulsive porn use once drove a wedge between me and the very community that offered love and support. That experience of isolation became a turning point. I saw firsthand how essential a strong Christian community is for healing, and a fire ignited within me – a passion to help others find support and wholeness within the church family.


Witnessing families and individuals grapple with some of the same challenges I had faced solidified my desire to be a source of hope and healing. Pepperdine University equipped me with the clinical expertise to turn that desire into action.

Churches hold a unique power to offer hope and restoration. My own journey, coupled with my clinical training, equips me to partner with pastors like you. Together, we can create safe spaces for your congregations to heal from sexual compulsivity and betrayal. I'm dedicated to providing resources, workshops, and guidance that empower your church to navigate these challenges with compassion and Christ-centered care.


I'm always looking for new ways to empower church communities. Let's connect.


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