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Couples Therapy
Growing Together

Relationships can feel really complicated at points - and that's valid. In working on your relationship with LCC you will re-discover the unique attributes you and your partner already have to make your relationship thrive.


Struggling with communication in your relationship?  As an LMFT, I help couples strengthen communication skills and reduce conflict.  Learn to listen effectively, express needs calmly, and navigate disagreements with empathy. Breathe health, compassion, and life back into your relationship.

Formal Disclosure

Broken trust in your relationship?  I help couples navigate difficult disclosures with a safe and structured formal disclosure process.  As a licensed therapist, I guide both partners through honest communication, fostering empathy and rebuilding trust.  Schedule a consultation and learn how to heal and move forward together. 

Trust & Intimacy

Longing for a more fulfilling connection with your partner? I help couples  navigate challenges and cultivate deeper intimacy. Together, we'll work on communication skills and emotional connection, fostering a stronger, more fulfilling relationship. Schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a happier, healthier partnership.

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