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Couples Therapy

What You Can Expect

Whether you are married, engaged, or dating, navigating intimate relationships can often feel challenging. Maybe you feel stuck in the same painful cycles of arguing, or perhaps there has been a devastating loss or breach of trust that you want to heal. Perhaps something just feels off in the relationship and you need support getting to the bottom of it. These are all such normal experiences in relationships and you are not alone. The fact you are seeking help is evidence of hope and I am so glad you are giving your relationship the support and resources it needs to heal.

The way I approach couple's therapy is by facilitating a compassionate, unbiased, judgement-free environment. This kind of environment will empower all parties to express their own, and understand one another's boundaries and hopes for the relationship.

We will focus on the unique obstacles you have faced in your relationship, what these obstacles have meant to you as individuals, and find out how you can overcome these obstacles as a team.

Whether you are working through communication issues, intimacy issues, infidelity issues, or anything else, your relationship can thrive again.

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